Established in 2005. World leader in the supply of incinerators and recycling technology. Recognized Globally as the leading Brand in our market. Sales in over 180 countries. 90% of current business is exported. Diverse customer base including Governments, Military and blue-chip companies. Environmental awareness is key to maintaining our position. Immediate low-cost waste management solution.


World class Animal, Industrial, Municipal and Medical incineration systems. Bespoke designs. Pollution control systems for high risk waste. Renewable energy and recycling. Innovator to the global waste management market. The “Go To” Manufacturer for the Global Aid Organizations.

INCINER8 is the worlds largest supplier of incinerators, with sales in over 125 countries throughout the world.
We pride ourselves on the level of customer support we provide through our vast network of dealerships and agents. We continually improve our technology with the growing needs of the environment and our customers.
All of our incinerators are constructed to the highest standards for durability, usability and safety.
The design of the incinerators make them ideal for export because of their simple installation and operating requirements. The incinerators are also designed to produce the highest possible combustion rate from the smallest amount of fuel.


We manufacture efficient, technologically
advanced waste incineration systems for a
wide variety of general waste applications
and uses.
Our incineration systems can process from 15kg to over
2000kg per hour. They are currently being used in over 170
countries around the world by companies, governments,
military, NGOs and charities.
Speak to our experienced team and find out how Inciner8
can help you throughout the commissioning process and
right through the lifetime of your investment.
NB: All multi-purpose incinerators can also be used for
certain medical waste streams


















One of the main features of our incinerators range is that they burn virtually smoke and smell free without the need for a secondary burner because of their patented internal design.
Not only do we supply a range of incinerators in many different sizes but we are now able to make them all fully mobile and self contained.
Our Incinerators are delivered to your site 90% complete for very easy installation.

Key Features

  • Virtually smoke & smell free
  • High temperature refractory lining giving excellent heat retention
  • Quick heat up times & high burn rates of up to 300kg per hour
  •  Easy installation and maintenance - Installation manual/DVD provided
  • One year Warranty and full access to technical backup and support via telephone.
  • Compliance with the EU ABPR 1774/2002
  • CE Certified
  • Worldwide coverage