Traffic Management

Traffic control and management remains a particular challenge in densely populated cities and towns. A more efficient use of existing roadway capacities, harmonized traffic flows, emission-related traffic control, prioritization of public transport means and the focus on pedestrian safety are some of SWARCO’s approaches to better manage urban mobility.

Public Transport Management

We are convinced that future traffic volumes can only be handled with an intelligent mix of interoperable traffic modes. Public Transport plays an important role in urban traffic. Priority to means of public transport such as buses and trams is one possibility to make the switch to this mode more attractive. Information devices assisting the drivers of public transport means and the passengers on board are an integral part of SWARCO's portfolio. Our solutions include Passenger Information Systems, Signal Heads for Public Transport, Passenger Info Displays, Terminal Optimization, Info Mobility, BRT Management, MRT Management, Fleet Management.

Parking & Tollgate Solutions

Our partner SWARCO Group is a seasoned expert in delivering the full range of solutions to organize and manage parking and tollgate. SWARCO delivers complete tailor-made solutions to airports, parking operators, shopping centers, real estate owners, railway authorities, hotels, arenas, leisure facilities, offices, and municipalities. In addition to products and service and support, SWARCO can provide assistance at any stage during the development of a project.

Traffic safety products

Traffic volumes continue to grow, which also means an increasing impact on road surfaces and road markings as well as traffic guide signs and guardrails. Together with our global partners, we specialize in handling Modern Day requirements for traffic safety in the areas of Reflective Glass Beads, Road Marking, Traffic Signage and Guardrail.

One-Stop Shop for Traffic Safety With the highest product quality, service competence, efficiency and environmental awareness finds the optimal solution for each individual use case for all different types of roads.

Reflective Glass Beads, Road Marking Materials, Traffic Signs, Guardrails, Specialist Consulting.


SWARCO’s slim and elegant design will change the look of urban landscapes around the globe. The world’s first LED traffic signal developed under eco-design principles and sets a new level in 21st century traffic signaling. SWARCO’S detectors using several different detector technologies are especially useful on highways or in tunnels to provide a wide variety of accurate detection parameters and classification information from a single location.

Inductive Loops, Video Detection, Radar Detection, IR Detection, Bluetooth Sensors and ANPRs.


Developed in conformity with the British Standard BS 3262, Kangaroo thermoplastic road marking materials are manufactured under stringent quality control for the best performance on various types of road surfaces under all weather and traffic conditions since 1953 and only made in Singapore.

KANGAROO THERMOPLASTIC MATERIALS give rapid drying elastic contacting with the following outstanding characteristics on roads:

  1. Easy Application
  2. Excellent Adhesion
  3. Good Skid Resistance and Water Repelling
  4. Good Visibility at Day and Night under Dry and Wet Road Conditions
  5. Effective Durability, Outstanding Resistance to Wear and Abrasion by Traffic and Automobiles
  6. Global Brand and Trusted by Municipalities, Road Authorities and Governments in more than 20 Countries Worldwide


We offer both hand push and self-propelled thermoplastic line marking machines with glass bead dispenser and interchangeable line marking dies. All our BORUM road marking machines and applications are made in Denmark.


PRESTAR ENGINEERING SDN BHD (PESB) is a fully integrated manufacturer and supplier of highway guardrail and accessories. Our highway guardrail and accessories are manufactured strictly conforming to the design usage and application with the latest engineering know how and is certified by SIRM. As an affiliated company to PRESTAR RESOURCES BHD, PESB have the access to the various facilities and technical support which further enhance the capability to undertaken all aspect of project involving highway guardrail and accessories. The range of facilities include hot dip galvanizing services and metal fabrication equipment such as press and forming machines etc. The highway guardrail and accessories are produced at the new factory in Rowing Industrial Estate under the brand name PRESTAR and is in compliance with American Association of State Highway & Transportation Official (AASHTO), Standard Industry Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) & Malaysia Public Work Department Standard (JKR).